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Monday, November 02, 2009

Never walking around empty handed again-

First of all, I can blame this on LawDog for putting the idea in my head that a walking stick might be a good companion. I've not really pondered having one terribly often because I typically have a firearm on my person when I am out & about. But I couldn't take my firearm with me on my recent trip to Ohio, just because I was certain that packing it and declaring it at the airport would give the BSU a major case of the gasses.

So I went to Ohio unarmed. While we were out sightseeing with the family my brother takes us to visit Lehmans Hardware Store. It's a neat place full of old time stuff; hardware, garden tools, toys, knives, and lamps for those folks that choose not to use electricity. Lehmans was a great place to spend a couple hours browsing their intriguing wares.

I bought me a piece of neat gear, a Horse Hame Walking Stick. I'll have to investigate what a horse hame is, because I really don't know but I can tell you, this is one stiff and sturdy walking stick. I took a look at these canes and decided that one of them could be my constant companion while I was in Ohio. Here's a picture from Lehmans.

Lehman's Horse Hame Cane

I do have a bad lower back and lots of walking does frequently cause me pain. I've read that using a walking stick can ease some of the burden on a aching back and now I can tell you from experience that using this one helps relieve my back pain.

It also gives me some piece of mind that should a bad guy decide to make trouble for me or mine when I can't have a firearm in my pocket, I still have a dandy tool to use for defense. That brass knob would leave a mark on a bad guy's noggin or chest very effectively.

I also discovered that I could carry it onto an airplane with no problem after passing it through the security x-ray scanner. Nobody gave me or my cane a second look and I carried through 3 airports today unmolested. So I expect that I'll be using this horee hame cane just about every place I can- just to keep my back from hurting...

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